THE SPECIALS BLEND | PERU Andres Torres Geisha

This is a series of blends handled by our sister store "SHIKISHIMA COFFEE FACTORY" that uses single origin coffee as the "key beans" of flavor. Enjoy a new blend coffee experience that makes the most of the flavor characteristics (terroir) of the coffee beans that form the core.
Complex flavors of orange and stone fruits. Overall tropical impression. The latter half changes to the sweetness of nuts and dark chocolate, and the aftertaste lingers comfortably in the mouth for a long time.
◆Nutty, dark chocolate, orange, stone fruit

We purchase fresh lots from Cultivar every year, and this is the third year. This season we purchased Geisha from Andres at the Santa Teresa Farm. The Santa Teresa Farm is located in the Camporedondo area, and the El Puquio area was purchased by Andres in 2010. (The "Don" in Don Andres is like an honorific title in Japan.)

At the time, it was about 11.5 hectares, at an altitude of 1682 meters, and access to the farm was complicated because there were no roads and no public lighting. They all worked as a family, making sure that our farm had road access and also approached the environmental challenge by providing drinking water for the transport units.

A few months later, thanks to Andres, the Geisha arrived at the farm, and he continues to improve the crop every day to provide high-quality coffee. In 2021, this farm won 5th place in the Cup of Excellence. The processing of this Geisha coffee involves sorting and harvesting the cherries, placing them in a tank of water, and removing any that float. After that, the ones that remain at the bottom are placed in a raised-bed dryer, and the cherries are moved several times a day for 30 days until they are dried.

Country of Origin: Peru
Area / Amazonas, Comporredondo
Farm name / Santa Teresa
Producer: Andres Torres
Elevation / 1,780m
Variety / Geisha
Refining method / Natural
Klopp / 2023/24


This blend series is available in small batches. Once sold out, we will switch to the next brand, so don't miss out.
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