Founded in 2017 in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, with the theme of "Time to be close to you in your daily life."
We are a specialty coffee blend store.

A day is two 12-hour periods and a year is 12 months.
Every day revolves around the number 12, but by adding an extra 1 to your daily routine, we hope you'll have a slightly better day than usual. We named our shop after our hope that our coffee will become a part of the local community.

In today's coffee culture, single-origin specialty coffee is attracting a lot of attention. We are focusing on the appeal of blended coffee, which uses specialty coffee derived from single-origin coffee, and would like to offer everyone a new type of coffee experience.
The coffee beans used in the blend are of course of specialty quality.
We have an international coffee appraiser (CQI certified Q Arabica Grader) in-house, and we purchase and roast green beans of guaranteed quality. We also work to constantly maintain and improve quality through weekly production cupping, etc.

Our product line is not just a combination of beans from different regions, but we believe that by clarifying the concept, we can make your daily coffee experience deeper and more enjoyable. Please come and visit our store.
We believe that blended coffee, which is the counterpart of single origin coffee, should complement each other, and as a specialty store, we will continue to pursue this in depth. We also regularly hold workshops where you can make your own blends, and we will continue to work hard to provide our customers with a richer experience.