In order to become a "community hub" for the local area through coffee, we actively set up food trucks and other businesses at local events.

Our sister store, SHIKISHIMA COFFEE STAND, was invited by the local Shinkin Bank as part of a public-private partnership to promote regional revitalization, and we are working to help foster regional vitality. We also set up stalls at coffee festivals and pop-up stores in commercial facilities.

If you have any questions about opening a food truck, please feel free to contact us via CONTACT.

Store opening record:
Maebashi Mebuku Festival (Maebashi, Gunma) / Shibuya Parco Pop-up Store (Shibuya, Tokyo) / Hibiya Midtown "A new form of regional revitalization - Maebashi, a city that designs well-being" (Hibiya, Tokyo) / Takasaki Opa Pop-up Store (Takasaki, Gunma) / Takasaki Monterey Pop-up Store (Takasaki, Gunma) / Coffee Festival "Coffee and Everyday Life" (Fukaya, Saitama) / SCAJ 2021 Coffee Village (Tokyo Big Sight) / WE LOVE COFFEE Vol.3 (Musashi-Kosugi, Kanagawa) / MAEBASHI COFFEE MARKET 2023 (Maebashi, Gunma) /Maebashi Bar Street (Maebashi, Gunma)