Perfect for the hot and humid season.
Introducing a liquid type iced coffee that you can drink as soon as you open it.

You can enjoy authentic specialty coffee easily anytime. This time, we selected the beans for this product, blended them, and roasted them to create a special blend that you would want to drink on a hot day. Of course, no flavorings or preservatives are used.

■ Flavor Comments
Berry, Dark Chocolate, Good Balance
You can feel the mellow, full-bodied sweetness and pleasant bitter taste with a refreshing and gorgeous aftertaste. Chill it well in the refrigerator, add plenty of ice, and enjoy gulping it down on a hot day.

■Enjoy a different flavor than usual to suit your taste.

Since it is not meant to be diluted, we recommend drinking it straight, but you can also mix it with a little milk or enjoy it as a coffee float with ice cream for a slightly different flavor.
Capacity: 1,000ml (6-7 cups)
Blend Country of Origin: Brazil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia
Expiration date: 8 months from date of manufacture
Storage method: Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.
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