THE SPECIALS BLEND | Rwanda Kilimbi CWS Lot2

This is a series of blends handled by our sister store "SHIKISHIMA COFFEE FACTORY" that uses single origin coffee as the "key beans" of flavor. Enjoy a new blend coffee experience that makes the most of the flavor characteristics (terroir) of the coffee beans that form the core.

The first sip brings to mind a juicy acidity and a flavor reminiscent of grapefruit and other citrus fruits. The sweetness you feel in your mouth is reminiscent of maple syrup and sugar cane, and spreads gently throughout your mouth.
◆Grapefruit, citrus, maple syrup

▫️≪Key Beans≫ RWANDA | Kilimbi CWS Washed Lot.2
Kirimbi Coffee Washing Station (CWS) is located in Nyamasheke District, Western Province, Rwanda, near Lake Kivu, the largest lake in Rwanda.
The soil is fertile, and the winds blowing off the lake create large daily temperature differences, making it an ideal environment for growing coffee. This region has a good amount of rainfall, making it an ideal environment for growing coffee, but the infrastructure there cannot withstand the elements, and bridges are washed away every time there is heavy rain.
When we visited, they were building a new, strong stone bridge. This refinery aims not only to produce stable coffee, but also to contribute to and coexist with the local community. Kirimbi CWS is one of the CWS that is improving its quality year after year.
We also visit other producing and consuming countries to absorb refining techniques and needs, identify issues, and continue to take on new challenges in order to improve quality.

Country of Origin: Rwanda
Area / Western Province, Nyamasheke District
Refinery / Kilimbi CWS
Producer: Andres Torres
Altitude / 1,650m ~ 1,850m
Variety / Bourbon
Refining method / Washed
Crop / 22/23


This blend series is available in small batches. Once sold out, we will switch to the next brand, so don't miss out.
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