The Jomo Sanzan Blend, which has been a staple since the cafe opened in 2017, has been remixed to become a new blend series, and the latte base has also been redesigned.

This coffee is made with coffee from Ethiopia and Guatemala, with a well-balanced blend that brings out the acidity and aroma.You can enjoy a coffee with a refreshing and vibrant impression without being too acidic.

This blend has a good overall balance, and is full-bodied and powerful enough to instantly enchant you. It is centered around medium roasted Nicaragua and Guatemala, and has a very good balance.

A dark roast blend of coffee from Brazil and Ethiopia, with a strong body and a refreshing bitterness. Perfect for a relaxing, quiet time. Finished with a slightly mature atmosphere.

If you prepare milk, you can make a cafe latte, oat milk latte, mix it with soda to make a coffee soda, or pour it over vanilla ice cream to make an affogato. There are many ways to enjoy it. This latte base will expand the range of coffee you can enjoy at home. Please feel free to enjoy it.

■ Guideline: Dilute with milk, soy milk or water 4 to 5 times and drink (adjust the amount to your liking)

Capacity: 250ml
Ingredients: Coffee Expiration date: Printed on the back of the label Storage method: Store at room temperature
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